About Us

Daily Doc Technologies LLC was conceived to innovate and bring cutting edge technology in medicine. Our mission is to make patient care more efficient, effortless and minimize medical errors. We focus on bringing useful IT solutions in medicine.

With advancements in technology, communication in healthcare can be made seamless and effortless. Lack of effective communication is one of the main causes of medical errors and unwanted outcomes. Daily Doc Healthcare App brings the technology in today's complex medical environment to give healthcare providers tools needed to have effortless, reliable and secure communication. Designed by doctors and nurses, we strive to make our platform better every day. Honesty and Integrity are our core values. We strive to innovate in healthcare to bring about positive meaningful changes in peoples lives.

Patient Management

Search any patient in the hospital, Create your own patient list, see a patients true care team one click away.

Patient Communication

HIPAA Compliant, secure, reliable instant patient related communication with any provider in the healthcare system.

Treatment & Handoffs

Hand off tool smoothens the handoff process and saves time and minimizes errors.

Priority Messaging

Send and receive messages with different priority levels. Know priority messages so that one can respond quickly for urgent messages.

Hospital Employee Management

Search any provider in the hospital and find out their contact information, send a secure message or call or send an email.


Manage and see your and your colleagues schedules.

Discharge Planning Tool

Plan discharge with our discharge-planning tool and improve patient turnover.

Make Daily Care Plan

For every one to see and any time anywhere.

Values and Mission

Our mission is to bring modern technology in healthcare to improve patient outcomes.

We innovate

We strive for the best

We do what we promised to do

We follow discipline

We stand by our product

We value honesty and Integrity

We work hard to become a valued partner

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